A circumnavigator and troubadour. 

Got soul & big on connected to the old wisdoms and folklores – slow is good and time is precious.

SUPERPOWER SLO MO – can slow time to an almost infinitesimal stand still

(her grandmother once beat a hare in a race) 

TRIBE – Liberian 

Slow slow click click slow. Zulu is an enigma inside a dichotomy . She is the queen of slow – a believer that everything from life to love to food to change to success must be taken at a slower pace. She believes that the world has accelerated to a point where it will either overtake itself – a time space continuum issue in the making – time bending being all the rage but time breaking being not – or break up under the vibration of the acceleration.

But the conflict of the dichotomy comes from one simple slightly hidden truth. She is one of the fiercest, fastest coders in the world – and can de and recode just about anything at the fibre-optic speed of light. So her greatest power lies in her greatest fear. She is both heaven and hell in her world. Even funnier she uses this ferocious speed of coding to slow down everything from nuclear rockets to dangerous vehicles to war lords tanks to corporations toxic effluent to the clocks on the walls (all now digital) the result being that the world is slowed. Kinda nuts but fun. She is not however averse to  technology and its application in the right ways. In fact it is she who runs the show from ALPHABRAVO H.Q.