Hopeless, romantic and a song-smith, vibe is grindcore folk, imagine that Simon & Garfunkel met System of a Down, fell in love and had a baby.

Rootsy.   A Synesthesiac – hears in colours  

SUPERPOWER :  Super hearing & Human Sonar System

(turn that negative into a positive)

TRIBE – Cuban

He’s a lovestruck Romeo, walk the streets of serenade, laying.’ everybody low. SHUT UP!!! Romeo doesn’t get a lot of rope from the team. He just can’t help creating ridiculously inappropriate song-writing moments (end of the world coming – he'll lets sit down and work out my next single!!). He is utterly narcissistic – the irony of his romantic nature being that his greatest love affair is himself. Really. The one thing that enables him to transcend his utterly selfish self is that he is a synesthesiac with a super highly tuned ear – almost super hearing – he hears in colour – which means he can operate as an early warning system – not only hearing danger but also colouring it – making its trajectory and position visible.