Motivator energiser , very hi-energy, is a maker and make doer , he patches old or used things together to create new things.

SUPERPOWER Shape Shifter, can change the nature and shape of things

(for better or worse, this IS the attitude)


There’s something of the ironic 70s hot pants wearing Dee-Lite DJ meets fashionista exotica about Oscar. He adores his own speech impediment, and far from hiding it, he elevates it to almost signature status. He is a forager and a fiddler by nature and habit. He can be listening to you at the breakfast table and while you speak he will have taken two paper napkins, some spilled water, a spoon, some chopsticks, your hairband, his headphones and the innards of a music box on the shelf and have made a fully functioning listening robot. He sees collisions and hybrids and overlaps and hidden uses in everything and everyone – it is almost a form of super sight or x ray vision. But with him he has the cool design skills to make something of the vision. So his superpower is seen as that of a shape shifter – someone who can change the fabric of nature and function of anything if he needs to.