Loves the sun and rainbows – hippy elder sister – shapes and colours in nature – paints onto everything.

SUPERPOWER : Oracle & Chameleon

(it's out there, you just gotta know where to look)

TRIBE – Indian / Rajasthani

It’s hard to see India for the brilliant haze of summer air that seems to hang around India. You can be in a sub cellar in a steampunk Armageddon and just looking at her wafts the still cool blossom strewn lakes of Rajasthan into the room – which she can project if needs be through the Bindi in the middle of her forehead – a conjuror of colour and textures from Nature. And she can change the environment through the ‘painting of them into the space’.

She is a human projector of all that is good. She can show people what was and what could be once more purely by projecting back into the space how it should be. That she can project what could be once more has created a culture of the Oracle about her – which she tends to screw up by projecting the wrong thing in the wrong place just at the moment when she needs it most. India is relentlessly furious with Romeo which makes everyone assume that she quietly fancies him, But actually it really is because she doesn’t like him. It’s Oscar she likes.