D.J.  loves sounds, - sounds of underground, bees, wind, birds, thumping. 

SUPERPOWER: sampler of sounds a sort of 168bpm airbender.

(Yes this is a super-power!)

TRIBE – Berliner

Echo is the smash crash boom in the roomer – moving through the world like the physical refrain of the Ting A Lings ‘Hey that’s my name’.

She is VITAL.

She draws the atomic vibration of life through sound up through the ground into her feet  and she channels all those sounds into samples and cranks them out at 168bpm. She can channel the sounds into impact charges – and push them through the air with such force she can turn back a tsunami.

The sheer joy and brilliance she can put in a room is contagious. She is a leader and leads by example. And she is a brinks womanship player – she plays dice with the universe – especially her own – and sometimes will stubbornly not bend until it’s almost all lost – which is kind of funny for an airbender!!