The Alphabravos reside at Alphabravos H.Q. Think any cool local kindergarden crossed with Star Trek, on a pirate ship in international waters.  

Our heroes ZULU, ECHO, ROMEO, INDIA and OSCAR will all be in full passionate pursuit of things that excite them.  Any number of pre-school mishaps and high jinks will be in full swing as the episode opens. Then a disaster alarm bell will sound. Brrrrrinnngggg!

ZULU will answer the Disaster Alarm Call and ECHO will decide on the action. ROMEO will usually be too busy to get involved, but INDIA or OSCAR will remind him of the AB's motto and motivation:- IF YOU WANT TO GO FAST GO ALONE, IF YOU WANT TO GO FAR GO TOGETHER. So off they set on another adventure.

Transforming into requisite emoji's, not unlike scout badge icons, our Alphabravo heroes will transmogrify themselves through a H.Q. smart device, to one close to the emergency ground zero. 

On assessing the situation at the location with support from ZULU back at HQ, the Alphabravo's use their knowledge, humour, common sense (a rather under valued superpower we feel) and friendship to address the in-balance, right the wrong or simply fix the washer so the tap doesn't leak any more. But it’s never that easy.

It is only when they work together with a local Alphabravo that a solution seems possible. 

The local Alphabravos, spread across the planet, are often part of an environmental issue. Having been misguided or duped by the nasty MDUDU and his team of GORGS, nemesis both to the Alphabravos, the locals need help.  ECHO’s leadership with tech support from ZULU will lead the rescue mission. INDIA, ROMEO and OSCAR play supporting roles, through smarts, humour, song and friendship they, together with the local Alphabravos, win the day.


An Alphabravo world is one that is altogether recognisable for most 5 years olds. But with added Star Trek, Scooby Doo and David Attenborough peppered into the mix. From the ordinary, brushing your teeth, to the extraordinary, “YOU NEED TO TURN THE TAP OFF WHILE YOU ARE BRUSHING.” Exploding a simple insight into how precious water is. Each episode will, at its heart drive a supporting message, to the UN’s SDG’s but in a language and execution that is palatable for 4-7 year old kids.

The TONE is upbeat and comedic in its sensibility. Fart jokes, anarchic attempts to impose their worldview and a gentle guiding Voiceover as a solution to whatever problem is presented will make perfect illogical sense to a kid. The show's ability to hook children’s attention through humour and land a key fact will be building blocks for characters, scenes, episodes and the overall series. While the themes and topics underlying each episode are serious in the grand scheme of things, the story journey through each will be littered with insights only five year olds can provide and understand. 

MUSIC will also be key. As well as a catchy theme tune, each episode will have music composition as part of the narrative as ROMEO in particular tries to solve the worlds problems through song. It doesn't always work, but it's always funky.