We want children to understand that they are from Planet Earth. That it is not some abstract concept, but a tangible reality.  As global citizens, it is incumbent on all of us to act as one global family. A kinship that transcends any type of border, physical or mental. All our characters have elements of the following traits that powers the Alphabravo Spirit.

 1.  Power of PUNCHY CAN DO  because life is more fun this way
2.  Power of CREATIVITY and its weird cousin frustration 
3.  Power of MAKING & TAKING YOUR TIME to learn about earth and fellow citizens
4.  Power of  KICK ASS COMMON SENSE because this is definitely a super power
5.  Power of CURIOSITY & WONDER  to enjoy, celebrate and appreciate

 We have imbued our Alphabravo Heroes with a spirit that any parent of a child will recognise, but more importantly that the children will themselves identify with. Roald Dahl, one of our heroes, never spoke down to a child, quite  the opposite, he spoke to them, at their level and this will be our approach too. This SPIRIT applied, translates into everyday actions and pursuits. We believe these traits will encourage children to see their world not as a local but from a universal perspective.

 In the real world but very much part of the Alphabravo animated show, positivity, music, science, art, nature and …ah common sense triumph!  If all the world leaders from politics to religion had a bit of ‘cop on’ as my grandmother used to say the world would be a much brighter, safer place.  Bravo!


Power of PUNCHY CAN DO  because life is more fun this way.

ZULU SAYS: Let’s all walk to school, or the park more often. Sure it’s slower, but sometimes you have more fun on the way than you do at your destination. You CAN DO it.

Power of CREATIVITY and its weird cousin frustration.

OSCAR  SAYS: Save some of that cardboard and plastic from landfill and build the next present for your friends birthday party. It’ll  be a one in a million gift, because that’s real CREATIVITY. Your pal may be a little frustrated though, so make sure you make something they would really want and not something you would like.

Power of MAKING & TAKING YOUR TIME to learn about earth and fellow citizens.

ECHO SAYS : Get a book about birds, butterflies or flowers from the library or ask for one for your next birthday. Find these wonderful creatures in the garden or park. Count them, write up a list or  draw 12 duplicates of them on similar sized recycled card. Then play the memory game, because that helps make a strong brain and helps MAKING AND TAKING YOUR TIME even more fun.

Power of  KICK ASS COMMON SENSE because this is definitely a super power.

ROMEO SAYS he does not like COMMON SENSE. Does not like it at all. But when he takes his time brushing his teeth and SWITCHES OFF the TAP in-between rinses he knows he is saving a very precious resource. He even had a great idea not to pull the plug after bath time but to fill a bucket instead and use this to flush the toilet. It may only save one flush.But that one tiny action has immense power if everyone does it. And that is what ROMEO does like about COMMON SENSE. If it's yellow leave it mellow, if it's brown wash it down.

Power of CURIOSITY & WONDER  to enjoy, celebrate and appreciate.

INDIA SAYS: There is no such thing as a stupid question. That’s why they should always be asked. Be CURIOUS. Ask, ask ask, and if no one knows the answer. Go find out for yourself. Sometimes that’s where the WONDER comes from.