At AB HQ, we aim to practice what we preach. And converting those along the way too. We have found that a lot of people and business’ tend to ignore or dismiss sustainability practices because that can’t implement them ALL, so why bother with a few…

We are firm believers in small actions make for big changes and that incremental habits make it so much easier to make the bigger ones possible when the opportunities arise.

At our sister company and in the wider media industry where we exist, we follow some very simple steps that have been outlined here from USA and here in the United Kingdom APA . Other industry leaders provide courses to help you become an agent of change 

Whatever industry you work or community you live in there is most likely a group who already help you make the change, and if not why not start one. You’ll be surprised how much help who will get on these issues if you just ask.

Switching to green energy, making sure there are recycling bins and that they are collected properly. Using energy efficient bulbs, making sure leaking taps are fixed immediately, promote  the use of KeepCups : these are simple steps that everyone can be part of. You don’t have to be the tree hugging hippy anymore to shout about these things. Normalising sustainability and creating greater understanding of the circular economy are just some of the aims THE ALPHABRAVOS team have for us as a company as well as how we teach it to children. Bravo!