Aboard their steam punk pirate ship head quarters, the Alphabravos are heading to a new place to discover a local Alphabravos' way of life. On the way, ZULU gives them her top 3 fun facts related to one of the 17 Global Goals.

Once there, they discover the local Alphabravo has being hoodwinked by the evil Mdudu and his Gorgs.

The Alphabravos have the mission to save the locals (way of life, natural habitat). They ask ZULU to help them in their task. Back at HQ, ZULU reminds them about working together and remembering the Goals. Mdudu is disarmed by finding a chink in his armour, usually related to his vanity, and the AB’s return to HQ with a song and dance celebrating what they have learned.

Adventures always begin at ALPHABRAVO HQ.

ZULU will facilitate the adventure, ECHO makes the big decisions, ROMEO never wants to be involved and either INDIA or OSCAR in their own quiet way persuade him otherwise. Invoking the AB spirit and one of their motto's ; "WE ARE THE CAVALRY!"

Reacting to an alarm, ZULU transmogrifies our heroes into emojis and sends them to a smart phone across the planet. Racing to fix planetary issues with the help of local Alphabravos our heroes defeat the evil MDUDU and return to HQ for a song and dance celebrating what they have learned.


Three episode and adventure types allow for an abundance of ideas and stories that will keep the show fresh, fun and engaging:

1. Adventures together as a TEAM.
2. Solo or duo adventures, for character focus and stories set around how local issues affect the universal.
3. When another ‘local Alphabravo’ comes into the mix, (either a long lost cousin, pen pal or related species) our heroes will learn a new perspective which helps solve a local issue.

EPISODE THEMES & EXAMPLES It’s all about the essence and empathic nature of being a super citizen of planet earth.

Alphabravos. The Butterfly Effect. Times a few million 5 year-olds.

CHALLENGE: Earth seems to have some MASSIVE overwhelming planet sized challenges around poverty, inequality, pollution, famine, hunger, water shortages and population. Arrggghhhh! What can I do…I’m only small?

ROLE: Through their adventures and stories and interactive role play the Alphabravos will help every small person come to realise and believe that even the teeniest action on one side of the world can be multiplied into a massive planet sized effect on the other. And that’s good. That and finding the chink in the vain shapeshifter Mdudu's armour. There's always one.

OBJECTIVE : That they grow into big people to whom doing the right thing by the world we live in becomes second nature.

STANDARD EPISODES  (by the way there are no standard episodes)

In the episodes that follow we start to see individual Alphabravo's come up against Mdudu and his Gorg henchmen. And a ‘challenge’ –The AB's get busy and come out on top with the support of all of the other ABs –  WE ARE THE CAVALRY. Each use their own unique powers to help the lead Alphabravo sort the problem. In these episodes we will see their charming flaws in a little more detail and how they get beyond them – like mini cautionary tales.

Each episode points to one of the 17 Global Sustainability Goals. And there’s always a take away that our cavalry can act upon in regards to that goal.


MDUDU gets Flushed
Theme: Fresh Water and Sanitation. Featured  AB: Echo

Mdudu is spotted sitting like a great big steaming Mdudu at the bottom of a valley. He’s making everything brown. Including the rivers and the sea it runs into. Yuck. Something must be done. But the reservoirs are empty. Cos everyone’s being wasting water. Doh. How do we flush away the big steaming Mdudu without water. Echo and the Alphabravos sent out sound waves to get everyone to turn off the tap when they’re brushing. The reservoirs fill up. Result. And Echo pulls the chain and Mdudu is flushed away. Bravo.

Full fat Freedom Fighters!

THEME : Zero Hunger. Featured AB: OSCAR

Oscar returns from fighting Mdudu. But he seems in a trance. Mdudu has infected him with Big Eye-isis. Where his eyes are suddenly huge – and definitely way bigger than his tummy - and controlled by Mdudu’s greedy mind games. Oscar starts making a 14 tier Scooby snack sandwich. The others watch. Shocked. This could feed all of them and some close friends. Boooo! Oscar says something which gives away that Mdudu is in him making him greedy. Alphabravos engage – and have a massive fight with Oscar’s ‘big eyes’ which eventually run off. Bravo. Sustainable sushi all round!   

My Big Brain is missing!
Theme -Quality Education.  Featured AB: INDIA

India is projecting facetime calls from the bindi on her forehead. (As you do) She is asked a question. She can’t answer. PANIC. What happened. On closer inspection (by Zulu) her brain is missing!! Argh. guess who nicked it. Mdudu’s ‘brain worms’ are going round eating everything that children use to learn and all of the learning that went with it. Something must be done. Bravo. The Alphabravos engage and atomise the worms – and remove Mdudu’s brain in the process. Hah. Learning returns. Happy days.

Dirty Lights! That ain’t right!
Theme- Clean Energy. Featured AB: ZULU

Zulu pops on the light in her bedroom. It smokes and phuts and puffs black smoke. Yuck. That’s not on! She traces the wire. She maps the network. Codes a new tracer bug. She finds the culprit. A stinky monstrous old power plant run by guess who. Yup. The Mdudu Power Co. is fouling up the air and the planet. Something must be done. Bravo. End result. Alphabravos shrink the power-station and put it in a snow globe. And Mdudu is electrocuted by his own foul energy. And lightbulbs suddenly ping clean as can be. Bravo.