Our story begins the day I witnessed UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon deliver his keynote address at Cannes in June 2016. It was quite the moment. He told his life story; from a child refugee of the Korean war to having just done a deal with the Farc rebels in Colombia. However, his pressing, immediate and urgent message on the day was

‘we are the first generation that can end world poverty. We are the last generation that can address climate change before it is too late.’

Reads like a tagline to a hollywood blockbuster, doesn’t it? Except this was Earth he was talking about. Our Planet. Your Planet. I heard his amazing keynote address that day. But, I also heard the crash of the gauntlet he threw to the ground. He challenged everyone in the room to go home and do something about getting the message of the UNSDG's out there. Get them out there and keep them out there...

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) agreed in Paris in 2015 set immense targets for humanity to reach by 2030. Immense. I reckon we may not reach them. We need to get the message out there, galvanise support for the goals and more importantly educate the next generation in ways to protect the planet and not only reach but smash those goals.

Today’s 5 year old will be 17 in 2030. What if, we had a global army of 5 year olds with the skills and knowledge as an innate way of thinking that this planet is worth saving?

What if, you entertained and educated 5 year olds across the planet today, and each and every year in the run up to 2030. That’s quite an army. A cavalry to rescue humanity, and save the planet. And that, my friends is exactly why we have created THE ALPHABRAVOS. We have assembled a crack team of creatives, writers, animators and and jumped up country boys. Join us on our journey. Grå Mør... Bravo!  Mark x